Using ExtOut board with PlanetCNC controller

PlanetCNC controllers offer digital outputs for external equipment control. Digital outputs of controller are usually used with output board for spindle control.

To expand number of outputs, you can use ExtOut board with 8 relays. This board comes useful when you need to control many external devices such as vacuum pumps, various actuators, selenoid pneumatic valves (ATC).

Please note:
-ExtOut board can be used only with Mk3 controller

-ExtOut board is connected with Mk3 controller trough ExtIn board.

-ExtOut board requires external power supply, 12VDC , min. 200mA


Ext Out board:

ExtIn board:



ExtIn and ExtOut board are connected via 5wire cable(included with ExtOut board):


ExtIn board is then connected with controllers I/O EXT header via 10pin ribbon cable: