Using SD card adapter with PlanetCNC controllers


Connect SD card adapter with the Planet-CNC controller:

Mk3 and Mk3/4 controller:
SD card adapter is connected to Mk3 and Mk3/4 controller with 10pin flat cable trough SD&I2C connector.


Mk2 controller:
SD card adapter is connected to Mk2 controller with 10pin flat cable trough EXT connector.


Export your toolpath to Raw file format in CNCUSB controller software: “File/Export Toolpath to Raw”:


Raw file must be named “toolpath.raw” and must be located on SD cards root folder.


Program Execution:

You can start the execution of your program from SD card:
“Machine/Start from SD card”

If you do not intend to use computer, you can connect a switch to desired input, assigned it as “Start” switch in software and start the execution of the program without the use of computer.

In settings you set input as ‘Start’ switch:

Mk3 and Mk3/4:


File/Settings/Input/Use Start


When running your program from SD card, the initial starting point of machining is always machines absolute XY=0 position.

It is important that the version of controller(Mk2, Mk3..) connected to computer when you export your toolpath to RAW format is the same as the one that will be later executing program from SD card adapter.

When you use controller in standalone option (no computer and no power supply via USB) it is necessary to use external power supply. Normal 8-24VDC adapter is suitable.

Mk2 requires jumper “JMP” to be short circuited (soldered) while Mk3 and Mk3/4 do not need this jumper to be short circuited.

Same settings need to be used when exporting toolpath(RAW file) and when updating controllers firmware (same settings need to be loaded into software).