Using “Optional Pause” feature with PlanetCNC TNG software

PlanetCNC TNG software supports, next to the conventional M00 pause, also optional M01 pause.

While M00 command pauses program every time when it appears in program, M01 pauses program only when “Optional pause” option is enabled in machine menu: Machine/Options/Optional pause

You can enable/disable optional pause while program is running, so you would not need to restart the program in order to use optional pause feature.

You can insert M01 optional pause at different locations in your program.
So when you run your program for the first time, you can have these pause checkpoints in-between, where you can check up on machine or machining parameters, measure your work piece or tool wear, check fixture position etc..

Optional pause disabled:

Optional pause enabled:

You can download “Optional pause” example program here: Optional pause example