Using “Block Delete” feature with PlanetCNC TNG software

This feature comes useful when you need to test proof your program or if you have two versions of the same workpiece with minor changes etc…
In such case you can use “Block delete” feature which allows you to skip or execute marked lines of g-code of your program.

Block delete feature executes or skips lines of program that have character “/” at the beginning of the program line:

Lets say we would like to create two half’s of one part. For first half we would like to mill the cutout and holes, while for other we would like to create also pockets for screw heads.

Bottom screenshots display the same program file, with Block delete option disabled in first case and Block delete option enabled in second case:

With “Block delete” disabled:


With “Block delete” enabled:

You can see how quickly we can get two versions of the same file using this feature.

You can download “Block Delete” example program here: Block delete example