Replacing Chinese JP-382C board with genuine PlanetCNC MK3DRV controller

1. Take your control box and remove all screws of the top cover:

Now remove top cover of control box:

2. Locate JP-382C board and disconnect connectors of cable sets for X, Y and Z axis motor outputs, power supply and E-Stop switch. They should not be hard to find:

3. Remove JP-382C board from enclosure by unscrewing two screws at the bottom side of control box and two screws at the back panel:

4. Throw JP-382C board into the trash bin:

5. Take MK3DRV controller and 3D printed pillars:

3D printed parts are available here: PlanetCNC Mk3DRV pillars and back panel

6. Attach and screw them to Mk3DRV controller:

7. At the back panel place controller into existing cutout hole and screw it:

Screw in also pillars at the bottom side of control box:

8. Take cable sets for x,y,z motors that we previously disconnected from JP-382C board:

And cut off the connectors:

Each motor cable set should have 4 wires, 2 wires of one colour and other 2 in different colour.
Each colour represents separate phase of stepper motor.

9. Connect motor cable wires for X,Y and Z axis to Mk3DRV motor output terminals MOTOR 1(X), MOTOR 2(Y) and MOTOR 3 (Z). Motor phase 1 wires (yellow wires) are connected to terminals 1A and 1B, motor phase 2(red wires) is connected to terminals 2A and 2B.

10. Locate power supply cable and cut off its connector.
Connect power supply cable wires to Mk3DRV power supply terminal 24V. Red wire should be connected to “+” terminal and black should be connected to “–“ terminal:

11. Locate E-Stop switch cable and cut off its connector.
Connect it to Mk3DRVs GND and eSTP terminals:

Now you can use your control box with PlanetCNC TNG software and your CNC machine.

PLEASE NOTE: MK3DRV can be used only with PlanetCNC TNG software version SW2017.10.30(or newer), if you will use older version for update such as SW 2017.10.20 beta you could bridge it.