Program debugging in PlanetCNC TNG software

Debugging tools in PlanetCNC TNG

For purposes of program observation or debugging, user can use PRINT and LOG commands, output window and state tabs for parameter value display. G-code ref manual will also come very handy.

Output window

To show/hide output panel in PlanetCNC TNG main window, click the middle square symbol in the upper right corner:

Output window will appear at the bottom middle section of the main window:


PRINT and LOG commands can be inserted within main gcode or script gcode at appropriate program lines. With output window, printed values can be then observed, while LOG command creates its own file that can save desired parameter values.


We want to observe values of the following parameters:


These parameters can be displayed in Output window, Custom state tab or separate LOG file:


More on PRINT, LOG commands and how to create your own state tab can be found on links below:



State tabs: