PlanetCNC TNG – User Manual


Main Window
  Menu bar
  Position panel
  Speed panel
  State panel
  Jogging panel
  3D program visualization
  G-Code panel
  Utilities panel
  Manual data input (MDI)
  Status bar

File Menu
  Recent files
  Save G-Code
  Import G-Code
  Import DXF
  Import PLT, HPGL
  Import SVG
  Import Gerber
  Import NC Drill
  Import CSV
  Import Image
  Import MIDI
  Import Python Script
  Export G-Code
  Export DXF
  Export CSV
  Run Python Script
  Import Profile
  Export Profile

View Menu
  Top View
  Side View
  Front View
  Perspective View
  Zoom In
  Zoom Out
  Zoom Position
  Zoom Part
  Follow Position
  Center Zero
   Toolpath History
  Axes System
   Reset Windows

Program Menu
   Next Page
   Previous Page
   Find Next
   Find Comment
   Find Toolchange
   Find Spindle
   Optional Block Enabled
   Show History
   Clear History
   Select Next
   Select Previous
   Select All
  Copy XYZ-UVW
  Copy UVW-XYZ
  Swap XYZ-UVW
  Copy To Clipboard
  Copy Line to Clipboard
  Paste From Clipboard

Machine Menu
  Emergency Stop
  Start Options
   Speed Override
   Spindle Override
   Pause Enable
   Pause Optional
   Single Step
  Motor, Limits, Probe
   Motors Enable
   Soft Limits Enable
   Hard Limits Enable
   Probe Trigger
   Edit Tool Table
   Measure Current Tool
   Measure All Tools
   To Zero
   Axis To Zero
   To G28, G30
   To Selected Line
   Position To Camera
   Camera To Position
   Camera To Sel. Line XY
  Machine Position
   To Zero
   Axis To Zero
   As G28, G30
   Reset THC
  Work Position
   To Zero
   Axis To Zero
   Measure Height
   Offset To Zero
   Offset To…
   Offset Axis To Zero
   Selected Line
  Coordinate System
   To Zero
   Axis To Zero
   Measure Height
   Offset To Zero
   Offset To…
   Offset Axis To Zero
   Edit Coordinate Systems
  Tool Offset
   To Zero
   Axis To Zero
   Measure Length
   From Tool Table
   Mill Facing
   Mill Profile
   Mill Pocket
   Mill Circular Pocket
   Drill Tap
   Turn Facing
   Turn Roughing
   Turn Repeating
   Turn Finishing
   Turn Grooving
   Turn Threading
   Probe Calibration
   Edge Find
   Edge Position
   Edge Angle
   Inside Corner
   Outside Corner
   Surface Height
   Surface Angle
   Gantry Square
   Save STL
   Save DXF
   To Output
   Add From Position
   Add From Camera
   Calibrate Scale
   Set Offset
  User Commands
   Firmware Update

Help Menu
  User Manual
  License Management
   Activation Code Generator
  Check For Updates
  Show Log
  Check Scripts