NEW TNG users: List of essential PlanetCNC TNG tutorials

New to PlanetCNC TNG software? Don’t worry, here you can find list of tutorials that explain how to start using PlanetCNC TNG software as fastest and as effectively as possible.

It is very recommended to follow these tutorials in chronological order:

1. PlanetCNC TNG software overview and performance guidelines
Short description of PlanetCNC TNG software and few guidelines for better perfomance.

2. Updating PlanetCNC controller with PlanetCNC TNG software
To update your PlanetCNC controller with PlanetCNC TNG software you need to follow sequence of steps.

3. PlanetCNC TNG Linux installation guide
PlanetCNC TNG software works also with Linux OS. See how it is installed on Ubuntu MATE.

4. Basic PlanetCNC TNG connection settings

5. Obtaining and activating license for PlanetCNC controller with TNG software

6. How to setup CNC machine in PlanetCNC TNG software

7. Customization of PlanetCNC TNG user interface