How to use different settings for different machine configurations on same computer


If you have multiple CNC machines(Machines of different dimensions or different types of machines) with its designated controllers, and you want to use them with only one computer,
it comes very handy to create desktop shortcuts with preset settings for specific machine. This way you can avoid importing setting files for specific machine every time you start the software.
However, note that you can not have multiple USB cables connected to your computer at the same time. Only one USB connection per machine usage.

This tutorial will help you create CNC USB Controller software shortcuts with desired settings.

Exporting setting file

When you set and adjust your machine’s settings you can export them into a file.
This way you will be able to use different setting files for different machines.

So that you would be able to distinguish which setting file is being used, you can write
desired name in the Description bar in Settings menu. E.g. CNC 1


Name of setting file currently in use, will be seen in the title bar of CNC USB Controller software:


In File menu, find and click Export settings.

Export settings

Your setting file must be saved in the install folder of CNC USB Controller software.

Save export setting file

Creating Shortcut

Right click on the CNCUSBController.exe file which is located in your install folder, and click Create shortcut.

Create Shortcut

You can name your shortcut like: CNC1

Name of shortcut

Right click on the created shortcut, choose Properties, and paste the name of the exported setting file (including .setting file extension)
in the Target dialog box at the end of target path, like this:

Shortcut properties

Be sure to leave a space in-between target path and pasted name of your settings file.

Shortcut is now ready to use. You can move your shortcut onto your desktop for an easier use.

Shortcut on desktop

For creating more desktop shortcuts using different setting files, just repeat the whole procedure.