How to set camera offset?


Tool represents the center of the Z-axis. Camera is usually mounted parallel with the tool, at some distance away from the Z-axis.
So to use camera for capturing points, setting offsets etc…we need to set camera offset. Because it is practically impossible to mount camera perfectly parallel with Z axis, we calculate offset using two positions at two different heights.

Steps for setting camera offset:

1. Make a position mark on machine table. You can use marker, make small hole with a drill, … whatever you find useful.

2. Position tool exactly over this marker and do “Machine/Camera/Set Offset/Mark”

3. Now open camera window with “Machine/Camera/Show Camera …”

4. Jog your machine to locate and center the mark with camera viewfinder. Use lowest Z level possible.

5. When your mark is in camera center click: “Machine/Camera/Set Offset/Read 1”

6. Now move Z to highest possible level where marker is still visible on camera and center it.

7. When your mark is in camera center click: “Machine/Camera/Set Offset/Read 2”

8. Your two point offset is now set and you can use camera for various tasks.

You can test if camera offset if correctly set if you locate for example a drilled hole with camera view as accurate as possible and click: “Machine/Go To/Tool To Camera XY”.
Tool should move exactly above the drilled hole.

Camera offset XY:

You can set “Current XY” offset also with camera. Camera viewfinder helps you to locate the position where you want to set offset.

You set it if you click:“Machine/Offset/Camera XY”

Capturing points:

Some points are difficult to capture (it is hard to locate center of point with naked eye).With camera you can capture such points and use them with “Transformation From Points”feature(see tutorial “Transformation from points”).

To capture a point with camera, click: “Machine/Capture & Measure points/Capture/Capture Camera Point”.