Guidelines when submitting your problem to PlanetCNC support

Some users face an obstacle during their time learning and using PlanetCNC software.
While we always try to give fast and effective support, sometimes we need more info about the problem user is facing in order to come up with solution as fast as possible.

So when you post e-mail or ticket regarding your problem we ask you to provide the following:

1. Clear and in-depth description of your problem.
Please use English language if possible. Please understand that you know your machine and we don’t.

2. Attach files:
.settings(File/Export Settings)
.gcode (.dxf, .gerber)
.Scripts folder (zipped)
.var(located in your installation folder)
log text (Menu Help/Show Log then copy/paste)
.tbl(located in your installation folder)
.keys(located in your installation folder)
.state(State 1-5)
.btn(.btnbottom, .btnleft, .btnright, .btntop)

3. Past experience has shown that video recordings can be very helpful.
Sometimes things do not go smoothly and error occurs during machine operation. In such case it is best to post two video files:

a.) Video of your machine during operation. Video should show machine operation and the exact moment when it comes to an error.
b.) Video of complete PlanetCNC sw user interface during the machine operation mentioned in point a.

This way we can compare both videos and see if anything unusual is happening in software and how software behaviour reflects on machine performance.
It is necessary that for this you use program and settings files that you sent us.

4. If any error message is displayed in PlanetCNC sw please make screenshot of it and post it.

These of course do not apply to each possible scenario, but you should be able to recognise what is applicable in your case.