Using EggBot with PlanetCNC controller and Toslink

In spirit of Easter holidays(with a slight delay) we decided to wipe the dust from our EggBot and see if still works. We thought that it would be perfect if we use Toslink devices to demonstrate how both, Mk3 controller and Toslink work perfectly hand in hand.


For better understanding of Toslink please follow link below:


Toslink can be integrated with a small stepper driver by just being stacked with motor driver and connected via flat ribbon cable:

Toslink Driver - Copy


Master Toslink board sends coded optical signal to all Toslink slave devices:

Master Toslink - Copy


Controller is connected with Toslink master board which is connected with Toslink devices via optic fibre cable:


Here is a short video showing Mk3 controller, Toslink and EggBot in action.