Here you can download schematics, pcb, firmware and software – everything needed for DIY build.
DIY controllers are same as assambled Mk1 from my shop – no differences.
You can use this work and make derivative works based on it but only for noncommercial purposes.
For commercial purposes you need written permission from us.

Preprogrammed PIC and empty PCB are also availble in our Webshop

Download DIY resources

Firmware bootloader

Schematic (pdf) – for DIY PCB
Schematic for jog keys (pdf)
PCB (pdf) or PCB (png) 85mm x 123mm
Overlay (pdf)
Parts List

PCB board documentation for purchased PCB
Here are instructions after you program firmware into PIC!

Board description:


1 – driver board connectors
2 – aux, flood and mist outputs
3 – +5V power
4 – external reset button connector
5 – internal reset button
6 – limit switches connectors
7 – status LED connector
(blinks if controller is working)
8 – manual input speed connector
9 – 8 manual input keys connectors
10 – USB connector
11 – USB connector (internal)
12 – Driver enable switch connector
13 – ICSP connector

Silviu created his own schematics. They are available here:

Schematic (pdf)

Schematic for keys (pdf)

Schematic for Eagle (.sch)