How to create new profile in PlanetCNC TNG software

This tutorial will help you create new profile in PlanetCNC TNG software.

If you have multiple CNC machines (machines of different dimensions, different types) with its corresponding controllers, and you want to use them with only one computer, it is very useful to create separate profiles.

Using profiles makes up for much more organized and transparent file management of PlanetCNC TNG files.

Each profile will have its designated files (among others) for:

  • Settings
  • Keys
  • Parameters
  • Toolbar buttons
  • State files
  • Scripts
  • Tool table
  • Icons
  • User command and user generated files


Creating new profile folder

Open PlanetCNC TNG installation folder and locate Profiles folder.  At a fresh start, only Default folder will be present.

Copy/Paste Default folder and rename it. In this tutorial we will name it MyCNC:

At this point, all files of Default and MyCNC profile folder are the same.


Creating new shortcut

Right-click with your mouse somewhere on desktop and select New -> Shortcut

Browse location of PlanetCNC TNG.exe file and click Next:

Name your shortcut, (it would make sense to name it the same as our new profile foder, MyCNC) and click Finish:

New shortcut for PlanetCNC TNG software will appear on desktop:


Right click on newly created shortcut and click Properties. Under Target insert window, after the application installation path, add text: “-p <profile name>“.

“-p<profile name>” does not need to be a name of an already existing profile. You can add desired name and TNG will create new default profile folder with inserted name. 

Click Apply and OK. Now this application shortcut is linked to all files of profile named MyCNC.

Start PlanetCNC TNG sw via newly created shortcut. All changes in settings or configuration of PlanetCNC TNG system files will affect only MyCNC profile.