Basic PlanetCNC TNG connection settings

PlanetCNC TNG software recognises all PlanetCNC controllers that are connected to your PC trough USB or Network ports. You would need to select controller that will serve as primary controller.

Basic connection settings:


Lets start by going trough connection parameters in settings: File/Settings/Connection

Select the type of connection that you wish to use with your controller:
-Network(Only Mk3 controller)
“Adapter IP” setting allows you to insert your network adapter IP address.

When you select type of connection, you will notice that window with connected devices will add new controller(s) to the list(beside Simulation). If you have multiple controllers connected via USB to your computer, software will display them. In case of enabling Ethernet option, software will display also controllers connected to you network:

To select your primary controller from device list, you double click on it. “Primary controller” window will display type of connection, type of controller and its serial number.
Primary controller

Now that your primary controller is selected click OK and then you can observe its communication status.

Connection light colour description:

If you look closely at the bottom right corner of PlanetCNC TNG software you will notice that there is a round light.
This light can be lit in various colours and each colour indicates different connection state.

Green light indicates that controller is updated to correct firmware version and controller is activated meaning license is found by software. connected_license

Green light with X indicates that software does not find proper license for connected controller. connected_NO_license

Orange light indicates that controllers firmware version is not correct. Update firmware of controller. Firmware_not_correct

Gray light indicates no communication between controller and software. Click “Machine/Controller/Reconnect” and make sure that correct controller is set as Primary controller in settings. Not connected_No license

Red light indicates that software is processing commands and is sending them to controller. ProgramRunning

Communication status can also be indicated by observing on-board Link LED. If this LED is blinking in pattern of approximately 500ms, controller is communicating with software. When software is processing commands and is sending them to controller, this LED will be blinking even faster.

If Link LED is not blinking, this indicates communication has dropped.