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How to use MDI?

USING MDI IN CNC USB CONTROLLER SOFTWARE MDI stands for ‘Manual Data Input’. MDI window is located in the bottom right corner of CNCUSB controller software main window: By entering MDI shortcuts or g-code commands in this window, user can quickly access desired feature, executes g-code command or performs machine specific task. MDI shortcuts: You […]

How can I program DIY controller and update firmware?

HOW TO PROGRAM CNC USB CONTROLLER FIRMWARE Your DIY board must have all required pull-up and pull-down resistors otherwise it will not work! 1. Program firmware You must use programmer to program bootloader into PIC. Bootloader can be downloaded on DIY page. 2a. Insert PIC and set 5V supply Because I will use power from […]

How can I configure Mastercam?

HOW TO SETUP MASTERCAM POSTPROCESSOR Click “Files” node Click “Edit” button Click “Edit the control definition” Select “Machine Cycles/Mill Drill Cycles” and uncheck all drill cycles G-code generated with disabled drill cycles will now work correctly with CNC USB controller software.

How can I use Mastercam

Milling some wooden part using Mastercam 1. SELECTING AND SETTING MACHINE DEFINITION: Chose Machine type – Mill – Manage list… from machine definition menu select MILL – 3 AXIS HMC.MMD-6. Add and select. 2. IMPORTING AND PREPARING PART: Open part file (File – Open). It is recomended that file is in step format. Select WCS […]