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How to connect proximity switch as limit switch?

HOW TO CONNECT PROXIMITY SWITCH AS LIMIT SWITCH USING OPTOCOUPLER? There are two types of switches – PNP (3002PA, 3002PB, …) and NPN (3002NA, 3002NB, …)   Switches are also categorized as NC – normaly closed (3002PB, 3002NB, …) and NO – normaly open (3002PA, 3002NA, …). For NC switches enable “Invert Limit” in software […]

How to connect and setup MPG pendant?

HOW TO CONNECT AND SETUP MPG PENDANT? Settings Enable “E-Stop” to use E-Stop switch connected to CTRL1 pin. Enable “Invert” option, if your E-Stop switch is active low (NC type). Enable “Use MPG” to use MPG pendant. Most common PPR value for MPG is 100 pulses per revolution. Enable “Reverse” to set reverse MPG direction. […]

How to connect and setup torch height control (THC) for plasma cutters?

USING “PROMA COMPACT THC CONTROLLER” WITH PLANETCNC CONTROLLERS All cables should be shielded. Everything should be properly grounded and earthed. Plasma torch is a big source of EMI, so consider a proper filtering. Hardware: There are two common versions of Proma THC controller: 1.) Proma Compact THC SD controller THC controller itself generates “STEP/DIR” signals […]

How to connect external EStop or Pause switch on Mk1?

WHAT ARE 5 PINS NEXT TO LED? Ext pin can be used to connect EStop or Pause switch. Ext pin must also be enabled in settings “Settings/Misc/ExtPin”. Don’t forget pull-up or pull-down resistor! Other pins can be used to connect external LED or reset button.  

How to use motor enable/disable signal with EStop on Mk1?

HOW TO USE MOTOR ENABLE/DISABLE SIGNAL WITH E-STOP? Controller can generate motor enable/disable signal on output3 when e-stop is pressed. You need to uncheck “mist output” and check “enable output”. You can also invert output signal.   You can rewire output3 signal to enable pin. Source

How to activate, import, request and export license

1. If you don’t have a license you need to send us activation code and controller serial number. 2. If you have registration key, open “License activation” dialog and paste your registration key . 3. If you have license data file (.dat, .lic or .zip) you can import it. There is no functional difference if […]

How to set network connection on Mk3 controller

How to configure network settings for Mk3? Computer can communicate with Mk3 controller via USB or Network connection. If you choose to use Network connection then make sure that your computer with installed CNCUSB controller software is connected to network with network cable. One side of network cable goes to network switch, the other side […]

How to cut tapered cone with 4 axis foam cutter?

HOW TO CUT TAPERED CONE WITH 4 AXIS FOAM CUTTER? Lets make a tapered cone with 150mm diameter on one side and 50mm on other side. 1. Create DXF file with circle It is important to know diameter of circle. I’ll use 100mm circle which I created with CAD software. You can also get 100mm […]

How to import DXF files?

DXF FILE IMPORT CONFIGURATION Using DXF files is probably most common way to start with machining your first CAD design with your CNC machine. This short tutorial is made to show you how to configure your imported DXF file in different scenarios. Here are some short examples on how to configure your DXF files for […]

How can I update firmware?

HOW TO UPDATE CNC USB CONTROLLER FIRMWARE Firmware can be easily updated through menu options. – Connect controller and start software – Select menu option “Machine/Firmware/Update” – Wait around 10 seconds If there is something wrong and you receive “Firmware update FAILED” message just repeat procedure. You can check your software and firmware version with […]

How to set camera offset?

HOW TO USE CAMERA WITH CNCUSB CONTROLLER SOFTWARE Tool represents the center of the Z-axis. Camera is usually mounted parallel with the tool, at some distance away from the Z-axis. So to use camera for capturing points, setting offsets etc…we need to set camera offset. Because it is practically impossible to mount camera perfectly parallel […]