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How to setup CNC machine using PlanetCNC software and controller?

I will try to show you how to setup your CNC using PlanetCNC software. I will use my router machine as an example but you can do it similar way on all machine types. I use metric (millimeter) units but everything is same with imperial (inches) units except numbers are different (1mm is apporximately 0.03937in). […]

How to set Steps Per Unit values?

This is a short tutorial on how to correctly set Steps Per Unit values for your CNC machine. Steps per unit value (in further text as SPU) defines how many steps will stepper motor have to make in order to move the axis for distance of one unit. Units can be in millimeters or in […]

How to machine your first workpiece

In tutorial “How to setup CNC machine using PlanetCNC Software and controller” was described how to use limit switches and software settings, so that our machine will be properly calibrated and set, therefore ready for everyday use, giving us correct and satisfying results. Please read this tutorial before continuing: How to setup CNC machine using PlanetCNC Software and […]

How to use moveable sensor?

In ‘Machining your first work piece’ tutorial we described how to set Current XYZ offsets. – Offset – Current XY gives us relative coordinates. We can set Offset XY position coordinates anywhere on the machines table. This way we can adjust our imported program (G-code) to our table size and therefore set position that is […]

How to use tool change?

Difference between Fixed Tool sensor and Movable sensor: Fixed Tool Sensor: Used for measuring ‘Tool Offset’. Gives us position of the tool tip in absolute coordinates. Always at fixed position. Movable Sensor: For setting ‘Offset Current Z’ at the top surface of work material. Gives us relative coordinates. You can move it around the table, […]

How to use tool change with ATC?

Automatic tool change – ATC tutorial with PlanetCNC software and controller This tutorial will guide you through ATC hardware equipment installation, software settings configuration and final use of ATC with PlanetCNC software and PlanetCNC motion controller. We will start by installing ATC hardware equipment on our machine and later on continue with software settings configuration. […]

How to use “Warp” feature?

USING “WARP” FEATURE IN CNC USB CONTROLLER SOFTWARE ‘Warp’ feature is used when applying generated toolpath over bended, curved or uneven surfaces. This feature comes in great help to users that mill their own PCB’s. Since the PCB milling procedure itself is very delicate and precise (distance between two pads can be only xx mils), […]

How to mill and drill PCBs from Gerber and NC Drill files?

MILLING PCB’S WITH CNC USB CONTROLLERS This tutorial is intended to help you with production of one-sided PCBs with your CNC machine. Before any work is done with machine you must be sure that the ‘Gerber’ files you intend to import in CNC USB controller software are correct and are generated with correct parameters. Some […]

How to mill and drill double sided PCB using transformations and warp

MILLING DOUBLE SIDED PCB’S WITH CNC USB CONTROLLERS This tutorial will help you with production of double-sided PCB’s with your CNC machine. Before you start, please be sure that machine is properly set-up and calibrated. Gerber and drill files should be generated with correct parameters. Since tutorial for single sided PCB’s already describes the gerber […]