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Gantry square procedure with PlanetCNC

Many machines use two lead/ball screws or rack and pinion rods per machine axis. In most cases, the Y axis. Rods can be driven with one motor or two. One motor usually drives both rods using a timing belt, which also helps with synchronization. But you can also drive each rod with its separate motor. […]

Tool change settings in PlanetCNC TNG software

Prior following this tutorial we recommend that you perform tutorials below: How to measure tool offset with fixed tool sensor in PlanetCNC TNG software How to measure work position with movable sensor in PlanetCNC TNG software   Tool change settings are located under File/Settings/Program Options/Tool Change:   Tool Change settings are divided into three setting […]

Using PRINT command with PlanetCNC TNG software

PRINT command will display any text, variable or parameter value used in PlanetCNC TNG or gcode program. It can be considered as a debug tool, trough which user can observe and diagnose execution of program. As an output, PRINT command uses Output window/panel:   Example 1: Click in the MDI window and type this text: […]

Program debugging in PlanetCNC TNG software

Debugging tools in PlanetCNC TNG For purposes of program observation or debugging, user can use PRINT and LOG commands, output window and state tabs for parameter value display. G-code ref manual will also come very handy. Output window To show/hide output panel in PlanetCNC TNG main window, click the middle square symbol in the upper […]

Gcode in PlanetCNC TNG software

PlanetCNC TNG is a motion control software intended for control of CNC machines. As a standard, g-code is used as native programming language. PlanetCNC TNG software processes gcode program and sends series of commands to motion controller. Controller interprets these commands and arranges coordinated machine motion.   Gcodes G-code commands can be divided into multiple […]

Plasma CNC and THC (torch height control) with PlanetCNC

Plasma CNC cutting machine is one of the most commonly used types of CNC machine. It’s used mostly for cutting Steel, aluminium and other conductive materials. Like any other type of CNC machine, plasma machine has it own specifics. Machine should be properly designed for such type of machining, considering slag, steel dust, high temperatures, […]

Using o-words with PlanetCNC TNG software: Loop blocks

You can use loop o-words with PlanetCNC TNG. Sometimes you need to execute line(s) of g-code in a loop while evaluating specific condition.  When condition evaluates to false, program will exit loop. This comes useful for e.g. repetitive motion sequences, parameter manipulation etc… O-word loop commands consist of: O-do – Begin loop block O-while – End loop […]