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Modbus communication with HuanYang VFD and PlanetCNC TNG – Part 2

If connection test was successful, and you can see parameter values displayed in the output window, then we can continue with next step, which is controlling the spindle. In settings under File/Settings/User Interface/Commands/Spindle Command -> enable option Uses M-Code: Type M3/M4 into the MDI window and hit Enter. Inverter should start the spindle at set […]

Laser cutting New Year’s decoration with PlanetCNC TNG

Holiday season is upon us, and with global warming being more and more aggressive, we cannot rely on much snow during the holidays. This leaves us with no other choice than to make snowflakes ourselves – using paper and CNC laser cutter. Luckily, PlanetCNC TNG software program feature Image Import  comes in great help, so […]

Serial communication(MODBUS relay board) with PlanetCNC TNG – Part 2

We will continue with expression functions used for serial communication. In first part we described array expression functions, which are used to prepare the data for serial communication. Now we will describe serial expression functions that are responsible for actually sending the data. serial_list() – Displays all available COM ports of computer. serial_info(port) – Displays […]

Serial communication(MODBUS relay board) with PlanetCNC TNG – Part 1

This series of tutorials will try to explain and demonstrate how to use PlanetCNC TNG software for the means of serial communication. The final goal would be a successful control of external MODBUS input/output relay board, but, to achieve this, we need to start with the basics.   PlanetCNC TNG software possesses all the tools […]

PlanetCNC wireless handwheel button customization

User can customize handwheel button functionality. This can be done by configuring the Handwheel.txt file. User manual for wireless handwheel is available here: Wireless handwheel user manual   First, create a blank Handwheel.txt file and place it in your TNG profile root folder. You can create such file with any text editor. How to configure this […]

Configuring Python path in PlanetCNC TNG software

With PlanetCNC TNG software you can use Python scripts. This gives a user a whole lot of new possibilities on how to customize or accommodate his CNC application for really specific requirements. PlanetCNC TNG and Python relation Python(in further text – PY) is a programming language known for its simplicity and large standard library. PlanetCNC […]

Gantry square procedure with PlanetCNC

Many machines use two lead/ball screws or rack and pinion rods per machine axis. In most cases, the Y axis. Rods can be driven with one motor or two. One motor usually drives both rods using a timing belt, which also helps with synchronization. But you can also drive each rod with its separate motor. […]