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Basic PlanetCNC TNG connection settings

PlanetCNC TNG software recognises all PlanetCNC controllers that are connected to your PC trough USB or Network ports. You would need to select controller that will serve as primary controller. Basic connection settings: Lets start by going trough connection parameters in settings: File/Settings/Connection Select the type of connection that you wish to use with your […]

List of essential PlanetCNC TNG tutorials

New to PlanetCNC TNG software? Don’t worry, here you can find list of tutorials that explain how to start using PlanetCNC TNG software as fastest and as effectively as possible. It is very recommended to follow these tutorials in chronological order: 1. PlanetCNC TNG software overview and performance guidelines Short description of PlanetCNC TNG software […]

PlanetCNC TNG Linux installation guide

We used freshly installed Linux – Ubuntu MATE distribution for this guide. Please note that distributions differ one from another so these steps may not be suitable for all distributions and installation methods may vary. 1.) Start your Ubuntu MATE system. 2.) Using your web browser, download PlanetCNC TNG version from PlanetCNC download page: PlanetCNC […]

Updating PlanetCNC controller with PlanetCNC TNG software

To update your PlanetCNC Mk3 series controller with PlanetCNC TNG software make sure that your PlanetCNC USB driver is updated to latest version and that PlanetCNC controller is updated with latest version of CNC USB controller software. This link will guide you on how to update your PlanetCNC USB driver: Updating to new PlanetCNC USB […]

Updating to new PlanetCNC USB driver

PlanetCNC TNG software uses new and optimised USB driver. In order to update and use your PlanetCNC Mk3 series controller with PlanetCNC TNG software, you would need to use latest PlanetCNC USB driver. To check your USB driver version click: Win Key/Control Panel/Device Manager Under connected devices you will notice CNC USB controller: Right click […]

Using G01 and G00 g-codes with PlanetCNC TNG software

When it comes to g-codes that specify machine motion we need to mention G00 and G01. G00 or also known as rapid or traverse move. G00 command is usually used for moves when machine travels from position to position above the material and when no cutting is applied. When G00 command is stated we also […]

Using “Optional Pause” feature with PlanetCNC TNG software

PlanetCNC TNG software supports, next to the conventional M00 pause, also optional M01 pause. While M00 command pauses program every time when it appears in program, M01 pauses program only when “Optional pause” option is enabled in machine menu: Machine/Options/Optional pause You can enable/disable optional pause while program is running, so you would not need […]

Using “Block Delete” feature with PlanetCNC TNG software

This feature comes useful when you need to test proof your program or if you have two versions of the same workpiece with minor changes etc… In such case you can use “Block delete” feature which allows you to skip or execute marked lines of g-code of your program. Block delete feature executes or skips […]

Using Adapter for 16 pin header with PlanetCNC controllers

If you need to connect your external electrical equipment such as sensors, switches, buttons, encoders with controller using single wires, you can use adapter for 16pin header. Adapter pinout when connected to CTRL header of Mk3 controller: Adapter pinout when connected to JOG header of Mk3 controller: Adapter pinout when connected to LIMIT header of […]