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Using o-words with PlanetCNC TNG software: Loop blocks

You can use loop o-words with PlanetCNC TNG. Sometimes you need to execute line(s) of g-code in a loop while evaluating specific condition.  When condition evaluates to false, program will exit loop. This comes useful for e.g. repetitive motion sequences, parameter manipulation etc… O-word loop commands consist of: O-do – Begin loop block O-while – End loop […]

Installing PlanetCNC TNG software on Raspberry Pi 3

You will need: – Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (or B+) – Monitor with HDMI cable – Mouse and Keyboard – Power supply – 8GB SD card (16GB and 32GB should also work, 64GB or more will not work) We used NOOBS version 2.8.2 in this tutorial but it should also work with newer versions. […]

Using ExtOut board with PlanetCNC TNG software

This tutorial will help you configure ExtOut board related settings in PlanetCNC TNG software.   ExtOut board settings are located under File/Settings/Input&Output/I2C,TX,Enc,RC. Under Ext section insert value 10000 for Frequency and enable Invert option for SEL1 Pin: Related g-codes: M64 – Output ExtOut Usage: M64 H Q <L> – H = ExtOut SSEL value (1 or 2) – […]

Using ExtOut board with PlanetCNC controller

PlanetCNC controllers offer digital outputs for external equipment control. Digital outputs of controller are usually used with output board for spindle control. To expand number of outputs, you can use ExtOut board with 8 relays. This board comes useful when you need to control many external devices such as vacuum pumps, various actuators, selenoid pneumatic valves (ATC). […]

Using MPG pendant with PlanetCNC controller

With Mk3 controller you can use MPG pendant. MPG is connected with MK3 controller via MPG adapter board.   First connect MPG adapter board with controller using controllers CTRL header. Then connect MPG to adapters DB25 connector: Please read this tutorial on how to use MPG with PanetCNC TNG software: Using MPG pendant with PlanetCNC […]

Using jogging keyboard with PlanetCNC controllers

With Mk3 and Mk3/4 controller you can use external jogging keyboard:   Jogging keyboard is connected to controllers JOG header via 16pin ribbon cable. MK3 JOG header:   Mk3/4 JOG header:   Jogging keyboard connection with Mk3 controller:   Jogging keyboard connection with Mk3/4 controller:   Please read tutorial on how to configure jogging keyboard […]

Using MPG pendant with PlanetCNC TNG software

This tutorial will help you configure MPG pendant related settings in PlanetCNC TNG software. MPG settings are located under File/Settings/Control/Jogging -> Handwheel Parameter description: Enable: Enables use of encoder for purposes of jogging when using MPG pendant(used with Mk3 MPG adapter) or standalone encoder. For more info regarding controllers encoder inputs please read Mk3 and Mk3/4 controller […]

Machine jogging with PlanetCNC TNG software

For purposes of machine jogging, user can use on screen jogging keys, PC keyboard keys or external jogging keyboard.   On-screen jogging keys: Click the cross button next to jogging speed window:   Cloud with jogging keys will appear: Jogging keys can appear permanently on main screen if you set: File/Settings/User Interface/Jog Panel -> enable […]

How to set speed and acceleration values in PlanetCNC TNG software

One of the most important steps when setting up your machine in PlanetCNC TNG software is configuring machines max speed and acceleration values. With speed and acceleration values that are not suitable for one’s machine, user risks lost steps(stepper motor) or increased torque(servo motor), damaged work-pieces, broken machine and most important, lost time. To obtain […]

Accessing script files in PlanetCNC TNG software

User can access script files for editing via settings (File/Settings/Program Options/Scripts) or directly accessing script files in Scripts folder. Third, and probably the fastest way of accessing script files is using combination of PC keyboard keys Ctrl + Alt + Left mouse button. All you need to do is press combination of Ctrl + Alt […]

How to create new profile in PlanetCNC TNG software

This tutorial will help you create new profile in PlanetCNC TNG software. If you have multiple CNC machines (machines of different dimensions or different types) with its corresponding controllers, and you want to use them with only one computer, it is very useful to create separate profiles, each using pre-configured settings and scripts, each for specific machine. […]