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PlanetCNC TNG – User Manual

PlanetCNC TNG   Introduction   Overview   Installation Main Window   Menu bar   Toolbars   Position panel   Speed panel   State panel   Jogging panel   3D program visualization   G-Code panel   Utilities panel   Manual data input (MDI)   Status bar File Menu   Close   Open   Recent files   Save G-Code   Import G-Code   Import DXF   Import PLT, HPGL   Import SVG   Import Gerber   Import NC Drill   Import CSV […]

Notepad++ plugin

I use Notepad++ a lot. It is the best txt editor for me. I write all my scripts/g-codes in there. As an experimentation I created plugin that implements TNG expression engine as Npp plugin. It simply evaluates selected text as expression and stores result to clipboard. I no longer need calculator 🙂     Here […]

How to control PlanetCNC TNG from your own software

Command line arguments PlanetCNC TNG accepts commands from command line. Only one software instance can run at same time. When you run second instance it will simply pass its arguments to running instance. Running instance will process these arguments and execute command. Here are some examples (Windows, 64bit): 1. Open command prompt. 2. Go to PlanetCNC TNG […]

Using the G04 g-code with PlanetCNC TNG software

In machining it is sometimes necessary to stop the motion of all axes for a given amount of time (for example to let the spindle come up to speed or wait for the coolant to start flowing). This is called dwell. It’s activated with the G04 command. The time is specified using a P-word and […]

Using G02 and G03 g-codes with PlanetCNC TNG software

Another two g-codes used to specify machine movements are G02 and G03. They move the machine in an arc, in contrast to G00 and G01 which move the machine in a straight line. G02 moves the machine in a clockwise arc and G03 moves the machine in a counterclockwise arc. To use these codes we […]

Using spindle and coolant g-codes with PlanetCNC TNG software

A fundamental operation in CNC machining is controlling the spindle. It is controlled in g-code using M3, M4 and M5 commands. M03 will start the spindle turning clockwise. M04 will start the spindle turning counterclockwise. Both commands turn on the spindle at the speed determined separately by the S-word. It is used to set the […]

PlanetCNC TNG software overview and performance guidelines

  PlanetCNC TNG software overview and performance guidelines PlanetCNC TNG is a high performance CNC system. It is designed with flexibility in mind and it can be used for mills, routers, lathes, plasma or laser machines as well as any other machine or system where coordinated movement of servo or stepper motors is needed. PlanetCNC […]