Adding user commands in PlanetCNC TNG software

User can add user commands to PlanetCNC TNG software. Examples of such are various frequently used machining programs, various measuring procedures or any other machine motion sequences that help user with workpiece or machine setup before starting machining process.

User commands are accessible trough Machine/User Commands menu:

In order that program appears as User Command menu item, further steps need to be performed:

1.) Access your PlanetCNC  install folder and locate Profiles folder. Open desired profile folder and locate folder UserCmd.

2.) Include your desired program file into UserCmd folder.


As an example, we will add program files located in Samples folder of PlanetCNC installation folder.

-Locate Samples folder in your PlanetCNC installation folder.

-Locate and copy files, and Mk1.ncd and paste them into UserCmd folder.

-Start PlanetCNC TNG sw and click: Machine/User Commands. Files are now visible as User Commands menu items:

User can also execute these custom features via custom buttons: Custom buttons in PlanetCNC TNG


To add any additional user command program into PlanetCNC TNG software, please follow steps above.