Adding custom features in PlanetCNC TNG software

User can add custom features to PlanetCNC TNG software. Examples of such are various measuring procedures or any other machine motion sequences that help user with workpiece or machine setup before starting machining process.

Custom feature programs are accessible trough Machine/User Defined menu:

In order that program appears as User Defined menu item, further steps need to be performed:

1.) In PlanetCNC TNG install folder locate folder named PlanetCNC64.Scripts or PlanetCNC32.Scripts.

2.) Create new file and name it: Machine.UserDefined_UD6.gcode

Make sure that name of the file includes UDn text. n stands for order number of user defined file. Since there are already 5 pre-existing user defined files (UD1-UD5), our newly created file will have order number 6. File should be saved as .gcode file.

3.) We will write most basic custom feature g-code.
Open newly created file Machine.UserDefined_UD6.gcode with text editor.
Write following text:
(name,Spindle ON, 1)

This custom feature will load as g-code program in g-code window and it will turn spindle ON when you start it. It will be available under Machine/User Defined menu as Spindle ON.

If you change first line (name,Spindle ON, 1) to (name,Spindle ON, 0), notice the zero, then program will start instantly without prior loading g-code into g-code window.

4.) PlanetCNC TNG software click: Machine/User Defined -> Reload

Our Spindle ON program should be available after reloading:

User can also execute these custom features via custom buttons: Custom buttons in PlanetCNC TNG

You can download custom features for circle center and outside angle measurement here: Custom feature measurement files

To correctly add them into PlanetCNC TNG software, please follow steps above.