How to create “Mist Delay” script file in PlanetCNC TNG software

This tutorial will describe how to create script file for short delay after Mist(M8)is turned ON.

With PlanetCNC TNG, user can create or customize g-code procedures (e.g. for M7,M8 g-codes, M6 g-code) using script files.

Script files are located in Scripts folder of corresponding profile in PlanetCNC TNG installation folder.


To create and modify M8 g-code script please follow steps below:

1. Start PlanetCNC TNG software and click File/Settings/Program Options/Scripts and find M-code option. From drop down menu select M8 and click Edit Script.

2. Blank M8 script file is created and opened in default text editor
3. Add M8 and G04 g-codes into blank file. Script file should include g-code lines:

G04 P5


Now after each time we turn Mist ON, software waits 5 seconds before it continues with program execution.